We use the term “alternative medicine” as a point of contrast from what we in the United States have grown accustomed to as medicine in the last 100 years or so. When you go to a conventional doctor they will often give you an agent that will have a direct effect on the symptoms that you are experiencing. This way of practicing medicine definitely has its strengths and weaknesses.


Traditional Chinese Medicine, on the other hand, tries to see the person as a whole integrated organism and works on achieving harmony of the entire organism not only within itself but as it fits within its environment. Chinese Medicine is a rather broad term that encompasses several methods of healing used throughout Chinese history. It is one of the oldest forms of medicine still being used today. Its efficacy survived the rigorous scrutiny of the Cultural Revolution in China and has survived due to its strength at providing safe and efficient healthcare.

Below are the services we offer at the Denton Alternative Medicine Center.

Rate: $60 per 1-hour session 
Herbal medicine will be charged in addition, at your discretion.
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​The origins of acupuncture go back thousands of years and its practice has been continually evolving since. It arose out of various Chinese philosophies that were born out of careful observations of nature and man. Its theoretical basis is eloquently simple and yet infinitely complex. The most fundamental philosophical theory, Yin and Yang, is at the heart of Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. In short, Yang is the descriptive quality of all things outgoing, moving, active, intangible, light, and positive. Yin is the descriptive quality of all things ingoing, still, passive, substantial, dark, and negative.

The ancient Chinese observed meticulously these qualities in all of nature. They applied them to agriculture, astronomy, politics, religion, and medicine. With this simple yet deep concept they were able to accurately describe several phenomena that science has only begin to cover. In acupuncture, a heathy person is a reasonable balance of these two forces. However, due to poor lifestyle habits, negative mental states, or external factors this balance becomes disrupted.

In acupuncture the body is seen as an organic microcosm of its environment. Like the macrocosm of the environment, the human body is regulated by the Yin and Yang forces. In modern Ecology we see a delicate interplay of symbiotic relationships between all life on Earth. Acupuncture shares this same view of the human body. Each system affects and needs the other for the optimum health of the whole.

Once this balance is thrown off hair-thin needles are inserted at various points on the body where there is an excess or deficiency of Yin or Yang aspects. By inserting the needles at specific areas we are essentially saying to the body, “Hey, there is a problem here that needs your attention.” The ultimate goal of acupuncture is to awaken the body’s natural self-healing/balancing mechanisms and correct any imbalance in the body’s “ecosystem”. 

Modern research shows that the insertion of needles elicits an immune response much like the traditional theories of acupuncture describe. Overall, an exact mechanism for why acupuncture works has yet to be completely understood but there is a wealth of modern studies that show its efficacy. Among the many aspects of acupuncture study that we have, now show that it can release/inhibit inflammatory mediators, trigger hormone release necessary for the body’s homeostasis, and act directly on muscular-neural network.

Acupuncture is an effective, painless, and cost effective alternative to conventional medicine with relatively few side-effects. A common question from new patients is whether or not it is painful. The needles used in acupuncture are very thin and most of the time are not even felt. For those indifferent to needles, many systems of acupuncture today use a non-insertion approach and are entirely pain free. 

 Rate: $60 per hour 
Herbal medicine will be charged in addition to your discretion.
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Like acupuncture, the use of herbal medicine in China has been around for thousands of years. They are categorized by flavor and temperature which has an effect on function. There are literally thousands of substances used for healing purpose throughout the history of Chinese medicine. However today, only around 500 are in current use.

They include various plant parts, animal substances, and minerals. Organ substances have many strengths compared with synthetic substances. Being from organic material, Chinese herbal medicinals have the unique characteristic of being substances that exist within the environment and have evolved within this ecological system. This can offer a more complete and safer alternative to synthetic substances.

Like acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine is used to bring the body into a more balanced state. Each property of the herb reflects its Yin and Yang nature and selected accordingly. Because each herb can have very unique Yin/Yang qualities they can be vastly different. This is where the true strength of Chinese Herbal Medicine lies. Because of the vastly different characteristics of each herb, and the endless amounts of combinations of one or more herbs, herbal medicine has the ability to be completely tailored to a specific person. Even more extraordinary is that the use of herbal medicines has the ability to change as a person’s body constitution changes during the course of treatment.

Rate: $55 per 1-hour session
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Asian Bodywork Therapy is a broad term that encompasses several different systems of hands-on healing methods from Asian traditions. These can include Thai Massage, Shiatsu, and Acupressure, to name a few. The principal modality used at the Denton Alternative Medicine Center is Tuina (pronounced Twee-Nah). Tuina is one of the oldest forms of Asian Bodywork originating in China. It uses various hand techniques on the body to loosen muscles, stretch stiff joints, and stimulate smooth blood/energy flow throughout the body; much like a massage. Although there are many similarities between Tuina and Western-style massage, Tuina is different in that is a comprehensive system of joint stretches, acupressure meridian stimulation, and massage-like techniques.

Rate: $55 per 1-hour session
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Cupping therapy has a long history throughout many different cultures, yet has become a staple of Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities. It involves using cups to create suction on various parts of the body. There are various ways of achieving this effect. By creating suction it can function to increase blood flow to a certain area bringing in helpful nutrients to a diseased area, creating a decompressive tissue release (like a reverse massage), and normalizing function of the body. It is very commonly used for pain and stiffness. It can function as a part of any acupuncture or Asian Bodywork Therapy treatment or a stand-alone treatment. It can also be used for facial rejuvenation and cellulite reduction.

We also offer Facial Rejuvenation Cupping Therapy. This is sold as a package of 10 1-hour treatments, which is necessary to achieve the desired results. You can pay $80/each treatment or you can pay in advance a total of $640 (20% discount).

Rate: $40 per 1-hour session
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Reiki is a form of energy medicine. The term Reiki is a Japanese term meaning universal energy. You could think of a Reiki treatment as a form of guided meditation in which the patient lies still while the practitioner focuses this universal energy into the patient from the crown of their head and throughout the body of the patient. Reki can be performed both hands-on or at distance from the patient. Reiki can also be used with other treatment modalities.

Because the modern person lives in an excessive high-stress sympathetic-dominant (fight or flight) state Reki is very helpful for relaxing the body and mind and bringing it into a parasympathetic (rest and digest) state. This shift alters the entire body chemistry over time and helps to create a more receptive state for better physical and mental health. Reiki is being incorporated into hospitals, and many nursing and medical school programs.

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A strong and fit body that is also calm and relaxed is essential to your mind and body wellness. We both sponsor the Denton Ving Tsun Club and offer regular Tai Chi classes. Both Ving Tsun Kung Fu and Tai Chi are forms of Chinese martial arts that emphasize softness, structure, and learning to move your body in the most natural way and in balance with the principals of Yin/Yang. Our mind/body programs are a great additions to your treatments from the Denton Alternative Medicine Center!

For more info on these programs you can visit the Denton Ving Tsun club website here.